Coffee and Its Health Effects

I was talking to the owner of Lake City Coffee one day recently and this is what he had to say.

If we have a hectic day at the office or we did not sleep to well the night before, the easiest solution is to drink an extra cup of coffee. When the scenario is repeated several times, the body gets used to a greater amount of stimuli. It is something I experienced a few years ago on my own skin.

I went from 0-3 coffees a day as fast as you say “new job”. After a long period of time, I returned to normal and I paid the price of just a few days of drowsiness and general ailments.

The invigorating effect of coffee is due to the caffeine it contains. Short term, a dose of caffeine improves wakefulness and induces more power for several hours. Long-term in cases of abuse (from 3 cups of coffee a day), it is accompanied by adverse events: irritability, anxiety, sleep disturbances, depression.

If you decided to decrease the amount of caffeine in your diet, here are some helpful elements:

• put more milk in your coffee, if you use regular condensed milk or milk substitutes in the form of dust, start using natural milk in larger quantities

• in time, reduce the consumption by using substitutes like decaffeinated coffee or tea

• if you need a quick stimulant, choose a citrus juice or green tea, or you can use a whole range of juicer recipes that can energize you.

• do not drink coffee after 5 pm

• avoid other caffeinated beverages: Coke, Pepsi

• you have more chances of success in this campaign if you have a “comrade” of suffering, maybe your life partner or a colleague in the office. They will gain from this alliance too!

Many quick weight loss diets recommend coffee for breakfast. We recommend you do not use it. Your health will benefit a lot.

Braun, An Old Friend of Coffee Lovers

With all the changes in drinking, eating and entertaining styles through the decades, one fixture of American life has stood firmly entrenched–the love of good coffee. Americans have been devout coffee drinkers ever since the Boston Tea Party. Coffee is a pleasure we love to share with friends and it is an important part of every get-together with family or friends.

Braun is an old friend of coffee fiends–it has catered to their coffee obsessions for many years with their excellent line Braun coffee maker models in so many sizes and different features. They were first to come out with a coffee maker and they are still ahead of the pack with their understanding of coffee lovers’ needs.

Coffee drinkers can go through more than one machine in their careers, as they move up to nicer models or just plain wear out old friends and must sadly replace them. Braun is always a good source for a great new Braun coffee maker in every size anyone could need, from a single cup to two, four, six, eight and 10 cup makers. Their big entry is their Braun 12 cup coffee machine, truly able to manage a heavy workload for home or office.

The single cup size maker is a joy for coffee lovers. It has features equal or superior to those of automatic espresso machines. It offers unmatched convenience, thanks to their perfectly pre-measured coffee pods that have just the right amount of coffee to make the ideal cup. No dealing with coffee grounds or grinding, no struggles with getting the right amount.

Their Aroma Deluxe maker, their latest entry, has the ideal system for the coffee drinker who is running late and absolutely must have one good cup before facing the day and needs it quickly. Just pop a coffee pod into the Aroma Deluxe, add the needed water and hit a button, and almost immediately it produces a steaming hot cup of great coffee. To prevent any accidents from rushing, this maker even incorporates a non-slip handle for those who can be a bit shaky in the a.m. before getting their first coffee fix.

Braun will always be there for you. They set the standard for dependability, economy, quality, and selection with their line great of coffee makers.

Great Tasting Coffee Pods

First thing in the morning, I switch on the radio. I like to listen to some inane nonsense from some crazy off-the-wall DJ that makes me laugh.

The second thing I go make myself a nice cup of coffee. That really gets me started in the morning. I really don’t think I could function at all without my early morning shot of caffeine.

Now I don’t know about you, but generally, in the morning, I’m in a bit of a rush. There’s a lot to do, especially if you have a family. That’s why this time of day really isn’t that convenient for grinding coffee beans.

That is where these wonderful new coffee pods come in. Coffee pods take all the hassle out of making your morning brew while losing none of the great taste of freshly brewed coffee. Now the coffee pod machine works in such a way that you only boil the water you need for your cup which means you cut down on coffee making time as well as being kinder to the environment. Think about it – imagine a cup of coffee for every morning of your working life. How many boiling kettles is that full of water you aren’t going to use?

It is also very easy to keep the mess to a minimum with coffee pods as there is no loose coffee to be spilled anywhere. In fact, using them is so easy. You just place one or two pods (depending on how strong you like your coffee) in the top of the machine, click the lid down then press the button and hey presto, in a couple of minutes you have a fantastic brew. There is no cleaning of pots or jugs – just your coffee cup and that’s it.

Coffee pods also come into their own in the office environment where space may be at a minimum. I actually have one in my office and it really is a God-send when you need a pick-me-up in the afternoon. No more freeze-dried coffee for the guys in my office – no sir – it’s that delicious freshly brewed taste that we savor every time we have a fantastic cup of coffee from our coffee pod machine.

There are a wide variety of gourmet coffee pods on the market from the leading names in the coffee world. Douwe Egberts, Nescafe, and Timothy’s World Coffee are just some of the big name brands who make fantastic tasting coffee pods. So why delay? Try coffee pods today.

Coffee Fails

Between Pinterest, beautiful food blogs, and social media it is easy to think that delicious and photogenic food is the result everytime someone tries a new coffee recipe.  However, I’m here to tell you that is not the case.  Of course, we don’t always see these food disasters but I know they happen in my kitchen quite often. But I try not to let one fail to deter me from trying to make that coffee or recipe again. I thought I would share a couple of recent misses today.  And these are just the ones I remembered to take pictures of, believe me – there were many more.

This was an attempt to make my own hamburger buns, unfortunately, these were more like hockey pucks.  Super dense and hard.  Not sure if it was because I used stone ground flour or messed up the rising times but these were a definite fail.

I’ve seen pictures everywhere lately of magical golden turmeric milk.  Unfortunately, I decided to not follow a recipe and mine turned out very very bitter and chalky.  I’m thinking maybe because I used turmeric powder and not the actual root.  I’ll will be trying to make this again soon.

This was a beet juice explosion.  Spills happen often along with the random clutter on our kitchen floor.

It’s a sad day when you burn the granola.  Luckily some of it was still salvageable.

I hope this helps anyone that is intimidated by cooking realize that it doesn’t mean you’re a bad cook if something doesn’t turn out.  It happens to everyone now and then.  I think being able to feel comfortable cooking is such a valuable skill to have when trying to eat healthy.  It’s a great way to avoid processed foods or having to depend on restaurant or take out food.  Now go cook something!

Be Happy, Be Healthy!