Coffee and Its Health Effects

I was talking to the owner of Lake City Coffee one day recently and this is what he had to say.

If we have a hectic day at the office or we did not sleep to well the night before, the easiest solution is to drink an extra cup of coffee. When the scenario is repeated several times, the body gets used to a greater amount of stimuli. It is something I experienced a few years ago on my own skin.

I went from 0-3 coffees a day as fast as you say “new job”. After a long period of time, I returned to normal and I paid the price of just a few days of drowsiness and general ailments.

The invigorating effect of coffee is due to the caffeine it contains. Short term, a dose of caffeine improves wakefulness and induces more power for several hours. Long-term in cases of abuse (from 3 cups of coffee a day), it is accompanied by adverse events: irritability, anxiety, sleep disturbances, depression.

If you decided to decrease the amount of caffeine in your diet, here are some helpful elements:

• put more milk in your coffee, if you use regular condensed milk or milk substitutes in the form of dust, start using natural milk in larger quantities

• in time, reduce the consumption by using substitutes like decaffeinated coffee or tea

• if you need a quick stimulant, choose a citrus juice or green tea, or you can use a whole range of juicer recipes that can energize you.

• do not drink coffee after 5 pm

• avoid other caffeinated beverages: Coke, Pepsi

• you have more chances of success in this campaign if you have a “comrade” of suffering, maybe your life partner or a colleague in the office. They will gain from this alliance too!

Many quick weight loss diets recommend coffee for breakfast. We recommend you do not use it. Your health will benefit a lot.